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Synapses fire like little tiny Transistors on my Cerebral Motherboard

Converting complex musings from analog to digital since 2005.

Casey R.
Grand Haven
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Tell us a little (or a lot) about yourself. Who you are, what your journal is about, or whatever else you want to put in here:

I am Casey. aka CaseLogic, aka CR, aka, Casey Loeks, aka Money, aka, CRizzle, aka C to tha Asey. My journal is usually about my daily goings-on. Most of my entries start like this: "Wow! What a weekend! First I went..."

What else I want to put in here... how about a sandwich? No? Ok, I'd like to put in here that I have a really hot girlfriend, but that's not true. And furthermore, if I did have a g/f, one of the requirements of the job is that she IS really hot, at least to me... K, enough rambling.