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Oh boy, I'm a little rusty but I think I still know how to post something.

Hi.  For those of you who don't remember who I am, my name is Casey.  If you are reading this, then we knew eachother once.  I used to post here a lot back when I got paid to sit in front of a computer and facebook-stalk hot friends-of-friends.

On to my latest digression:

I've been friends with Sam since ninth grade.  He was, and still is, a musical genious.  He started learning Suzuki method violin when he was like 3 and for a while he was first chair of the Fort Wayne Youth Symphony when he was growing up in Indiana.   We had English class together freshmen year.  He transferred in mid semester because he got expelled from the local Christian high school for something dumb like swearing too much or unbuttoning his shirt, or both.

 He has perfect pitch which still totally trips me out.  Like last night we were listening to the new (or newish) Wilco album on his new studio monitor speakers (which are awesome, by the way) and I asked him if the low E string on the guitar was detuned to C.  He quickly said no, but that the whole guitar was tuned down a half step and the low E was in drop D, which is actually C# when you figure in the half  step.  I corrected him by saying that it was actually Db, not C#, and imediatly we cracked up about how rediculous our conversation was.  But anyways, he just picks up on that stuff cuz he just knows what C# sounds like, no reference pitch necesary.

We lived together for a year or so in college, when we were both studying music at Grand Rapids Community College.  At the time we were learning about 20th century composers in Music History class.  Crazy stuff like Varese, Phillip Glass, John Cage, and Karlheinz Stockhausen.  One day Sam says that he's got to show me somthing in his car, so I follow him past the library over to the second level of the parking garage.  He turns the ignition and turns up his stereo, puts the CD player on track three.  As the sounds slowly fade in I start to recognize that Its a handful of random samples of a baby's laugh which somehow, magically gives way to a string quartet which, in turn builds to a lot of guitar and a rock band playing HARD.  And the changes were so subtle.

The name of the band was Thee Silver Mt. Zion Orchestra and Tra-La-La Band.  Sam gave me a copy of the CD and I listened to it non-stop for weeks on end.  Each time I listened to it, I was surprised.  Upon each listen, there was something new or something different that I hadn't noticed before.  It was subtle in its intracacies.  I felt different emotions in the music each time I listened and it surprised the shit out of me.

For the next couple years, Sam and I exchanged burned CDs of music that we liked.

That was six or seven years ago now.  Since then, Sam moved out to the West Coast.  He just recently returned to our hometown after being out there for a few years.

The other day, I listened to that recording again and started doing some random googling and wiki-ing.  I came across another band that I had to show Sam.  This band had taken spoken words and found the inherent melody in the spoken word and had created songs based on those "melodies".  It had that same surprise quality to it.  I mean, who thinks of that kind of stuff?

All that to say, I like surprises.  I like when something that is supposed to be, or appears to be, one thing ends up being an other thing.  I like surprises in TV shows.  I like Cashcab because basically someone is just living their normal everyday life, gets in a cab, and is surprised.  It makes me smile every time.  Same thing with "What Would You Do".  I don't really find the show that entertaining, except when John Quiñones comes out and says, "Hi.  You're on TV".  Then I can't help but smile.

So, anyways, that's what I wanted to post today.  I hope y'all come across some killer surprises today.    

Here's some stuff about stuff.

Hello livejournal friends who I haven't talked to in a really long time.  I guess you might say that I have cocooned for a little while.  I'm growing up and my life has been in a bit of a flux lately.  I was considering ditching my LJ unofficially over the last little while, but I just got inspired - just now - by a combination of things.  Last night I watched a documentary on Bukowski and it made me want to write.  Right now I'm watching a documentary on art in the 90s and it made me want to create.  I got netflix a couple days ago so I haven't turned on my tv in a while.

So back to the cocoon thing.  There have been a handful of not-so-small changes in my life lately which prompted me to think of a metaphorical pupa.  Let me see... I work a lot.  I have two jobs and ideally I would like to work right around 40 hrs/wk but it is usually closer to 50.  I now crave alone time pretty hard.  I just went to my favorite coffee shop to read Seven Storey Mountain and have some time to just escape in a sense, but my parents happened to walk by and chatted with me for a while and then my grandpa walked by and he stopped.  Also other people I know stopped to say hello; I read about 3 pages.  "Fail", as the say.

Despite all this, I have come to appreciate living in the city I grew up in.  I now think of this as home and very rarely do I fantasize about moving elsewhere.  I had a profound moment a few months ago in which I saw myself settling in to the life I am living and it was comforting.  This might be because I now have been keeping a budget and actually puting $$ into a savings account.  Oh yeah, I have a savings account now.  I like living an average life and paying my dad rent and being a lot more grown up than I have been.

I fantasize about spending time out in nature.  I went for a hike in the woods a couple months ago and I loved it.  I want to go to the top of Dewey Hill.  For those of you who are not from GH, but have been here once or twice, that is the hill behind the Musical Fountain.  I like the idea of doing something that I've always thought I couldn't do i.e., walking a great distance and trekking up a massive sand dune, despite the fact that it might be really bad for my back/legs.  I figure I only live once.  The problem is that I need some time off to do that and that doesn't really happen. ever.

I decided that I am going to remain single for the forseeable future.  I guess that was just another epiphany moment where I just realized that I don't need to worry about finding my soulmate, and since then I have been much happier and content with my life, and I spend very little, if any, time reconsidering.  It is a very personal decision and I am super excited about it.  I can't wait to see what I can accomplish and experience by doing this life thing solo.

I went to Chicago about a month ago and saw Pavement live.  It was amazing.  Pavement is back near the top of my favorite bands.

In other news - I quit drinking.  Seriously.  Tomorrow will be a month since I had a drink.  No other reason than, it just works for me.  I don't have time for that shit.  No AA or anything, I just don't do it.

You might see a bit more writing from me now.  We'll see.  I like taking things one step at a time.  I'm gonna go read my LJ friends page and see if I can figure out what all y'all have been up to these days.

I still have a Live Journal?!?!

I just joined a group in Facebook called "Ending a boring story with, 'and then I found 20 dollars.'", that a friend of mine just created and I had the distinct pleasure of being the first to post anything on it.  Here's what I posted:

So yesterday I woke up, had some dry toast and coffee. Then I went to church. After that, more coffee. Then I spent a couple hours watching tv. Then more toast. I brushed my teeth and continued to watch tv. Sesame Street was on. Then my boss called me and told me that I had to come in to work because someone was sick. That made me sad. 3 hours and 58 drunk customers later, I punched out. I wanted to go to Family Video to rent "Sex Drive" because one of my coworkers told me that Seth Green's character reminded him of me but, alas, I was broke.

So I got in my car and I'm just about to put the key in the ignition, and then I found 20 dollars.


I like Google Maps.  I just found a shot of my great-grandpa's house that I went to as a kid. He died like 14 years ago.  Weird seeing this house which is in a really strange spot in The Heights.

It's like this...

I am  learning about Linux.  Particularly shell comands.  Any tips would be appreciated.

Also, a question:

What would be your ideal most lightweight stable  distro? 


... and that and this and uh.
I haven't posed in a while and I feel like I ought to post something... so, this is my latest Facebook "About Me".

"Casey Rycenga was born in the gusty plains of the small Eastern European country of Moldova. On his 14th birthday he narrowly escaped unspeakable political persecution by fleeing on foot, with no shoes, to the beautiful city of Odesa on the coast of the Black Sea. It was there that he started busking on the streets with a one-string guitar and started his rise to international fame. Fast-foward ten years later, he is on the top of the German music charts with his one-man band Ixnay, in which he plays pan flute, lyre, harpsichord, timbales, and 16-string fretless acoustic bass. Ixnay's smash hit single, "Hide Me Unter Die Bushel, NEIN!" has been translated in thirteen hundred languages.

Casey is currently in the recording studio working on his upcoming release tenatively titled, "", due out in February of 2011."

Casey Rycenga's profile on facebook.  Ummmm...

xposted?  I think?

I'm watching C-SPAN right now.
Michaele and Tareq Salahi are getting verbally bitch-slapped by House Representatives and they are acting like third graders invoking their fifth amendment rights. In a word: Politics at its finest.

Here's the news story, in case you don't know what I'm talking about.

I have internet at home now.
I just got done watching a movie that I can only describe as the biggest steaming pile of crap that has ever been created. "World's Greatest Dad" starring Robin Williams, written and directed by Bobcat Goldthwait was so bad that I couldn't wait to get it over with so I could pop in my 2 for a dollar selection, Bad Boys II. It was that bad. I am a far dumber person for having watched it.

It Might Get Loud
Before I dole out other random musings and updates, ect, ect... I have to mention this one things before I forget about it.

Last night I watched a documentary that just came out on video starring Jimmy Page, The Edge, and Jack White called "It Might Get Loud". Great movie interweaving their stories of how they became guitars, as well as showing a bit of jam session between them. I was watching an interview in the special features and Jack White was talking about how Jimmy Page was an amazing session guitarist before he decided to quit and eventually join the Yardbirds, and later, Led Zepplin. Jack mentions something about how he couldn't even imagine how much of a struggle it was for Jimmy to do something he loved and enjoyed but not being able to do it his own way. He was restricted to playing only what was on the sheet music in front of him and maybe slightly interpretting some things sometimes. Something clicked when I heard that and it made me think of when I worked at church... I would try to explain it more, but I know I will just start rambling... Anyways, I'm starting to come out of my spiritual shell again... I think... Learning some things and trying to challenge myself.

Happy New Year gang. As this time of year rolls around yet again, I am reminded of the things I mentioned last year in my new year post and basically its utter failure on all fronts. Ah well. Still trying to figure out this whole growing up thing.

Last night all of my siblings and their spouses/significant others and I went out to eat at this amazing fondue restaurant in GR called the Melting Pot. I invited my long-time really good friend Erin to be my date. I was really excited for my family to meet Erin. We had a great time.

So.... I just noticed the time. I gotta roll up outta here. Cheers.

Goodbye Yellow Brick Roooooooooooooooooooooooad.
Last night I went to an "ugly sweater party". Incidentally, I just wore a T-shirt. I got there and it was my friend Brian sitting in the living room of this tiny house chatting with three women. That was the extent of the party. I had a mug of spiked hot chocolate and we sat around and talked for about three hours. Meanwhile another dude shows up and makes the gender ratio even-Steven. I was just about to leave when someone suggested that we go out to the bar. So we did that. I have to mention that these ladies were quite attractive. And fun. And down to earth, and all around cool. Example: Lady #1 - Redhead. Lady #2 - Canadian. Lady #3 - Fermatta tattoo on the back of her neck. With their powers combined... my dream woman... well except that my dream woman would also have dreads. So we partied like it was 19 something-or-other. A lot of chatting about the current state of romantic relationships. At one point at the sweater party, or chat, or whatever, one of them said something along the lines of, "Hey. We are five good looking people with a lot going for us. What is our problem when it comes to finding a relationship?" Valid point. No idea. Something is rotten in Denmark, I say.


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